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The Reiki Healing Center of NJ is your local source for Reiki treatments and classes in the Usui System of Natural Healing better known as Reiki. After many years of research, practice and use of complementary healing practices such as yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Massage Therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and energy healing Sema Tihan, our founder and Reiki Master Teacher, was initiated to Reiki and its wondrous healing effects in 2004. The simplicity and ease of practice, its ability to be used in almost any case of physical or mental imbalance and Reiki's profound effects led her to open the center in 2008 in hopes of spreading awareness of Reiki in the metropolitan area.
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Reiki has become the most frequently applied individual healing technique in the world, is being offered in health care settings and is currently being studied by the National Institute of Health through their NCCAM National Center Complementary and Alternative Medicine as to its effects on certain diseases.

The results of Reiki are the healing and balance of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Reiki gently reminds the body and mind on a subtle level of health and supports the alignment of our natural self regulating mechanisms. Reiki is administered by light touch and promotes deep relaxation to strengthen and maintain well-being for optimal health.

Reiki also has a rapid healing response which provides pain and symptom relief and is currently being used to treat side effects from cancer treatment, speed recovery time from surgery, and in cases of anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, infertility and to manage symptoms of other dis-eases.

Reiki is gentle, non invasive, has no known contraindications and can therefore complement medical treatment for most health conditions.

No matter what the reason for using Reiki I think we can all agree that reducing stress and promoting relaxation assists all of us in every area of our health and ultimately our life.
Sema Tihan,
Reiki Master Teacher

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Our Mission...
Provide treatment, empowerment and education to assist in each individual's unique healing journey.

Raise public awareness of Reiki as a healing and integrative medical therapy through local and national events, lectures and articles, press coverage, and affiliation with disease support groups.

Actively work to bring Reiki into every health care facility and health care related educational program

Give back to the community by promoting and volunteering services in integrative therapy programs and sponsoring community Reiki share programs.